Liz Lenjo - BIMC 2018

Nairobi, Kenya
Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Media & Fashion Law

Liz Lenjo

Liz Lenjo is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya specializing in Intellectual Property Law,
Entertainment Law, Media Law, Sports Law and Fashion Law. She is a co-owner and Managing
Partner of a boutique legal services firm, Kikao Law that specializes in the mentioned areas of
law.  Liz holds a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law from University of Turin, Italy and
the WIPO Academy. She sits in the Competent Tribunal, which is established under the
Copyright Act of Kenya. The Tribunal listens and determines copyright disputes between the
Regulator and the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) which are in the music and
book publishing businesses. Liz has knowledge and expertise on copyright and related rights as
well as managing a music business. She also has vast experience in training artists and music
businesses on matters law and music business practice.