Moses Dodo Monamodi - BIMC 2018

Johannesburg, South Africa
President, IMPRA

Moses Dodo Monamodi

This young Pastor and Enterprenuer Leader is Born and bred in the North West Province and
attended his primary,Middle and High Scool in Phokeng near Rustenburg,North West Province.
Is a trained music engineer, composer and a Producer.1998 started his career as a performing
artist.1992 to 1995 attended his studies for three years at Funda arts College and then furthered his
studies for a diploma at Wits for music theory. He worked for a musician Union called Universal
Brotherwood Consortium for two years and later the Union was renamed Musa which gave birth to
CWUSA where he worked as a contract consultant.
Attended a three year course at a sound engineering college called Eplow House College of sound
engineering from 1995-1998 where he qualified and lectured at the same school as a digital sound
engineering lecture for a year, Dodo worked for many recording studios in Johannesburg and
amongst others is Cyberforce studios, Noise2 Productions, Sizwe Zako Studios,Cool Spot
Productions from 1998 to 2004 where he worked as a sound engineer and a producer,he recorded
big hits like Lundi, Blondie Makhene, Oleseng, Sinky,Coyote, Kholeka, Mojeremane, Solly
Moholo,Solly Mthiya,Matlakala and the Comforters Brenda Fassie and the list is endless.
2004 resigned from Cool spot and focused in his record label called Dojam Productions to date. In
2006 Dodo was recruited by AIRCO(Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa)
as a Board member and later that year he was appointed as an Exco member. Airco is an
organisation that represents the interest of independent record labels of South Africa. He
remarkably transformed the music industry in ensuring that plain fields are being levelled between
the emerging record companies and major record companies. 2006-2009 Dodo was recruited by
Midem Committee International to serve on these committee on their behalf and to represent
South African Music Industry in France.
In 2008 He was voted the deputy Chairperson of the Association and 2009 he was requested by the
constituency and the funder (DAC-Department of Arts and Culture) to take the lead as a Chairperson
of the Association to date. In 2009 Dodo was also seating as an advisory committee member of the
Minister of Arts and Culture heading music industry special projects like Midem International and
the Haiti Music contributions. Midem is an International high level forum whereby all record
company owners,Publishers across the World are meeting to exhange license deals, since 2009,Dodo
has been leading a team of business people from South Africa to attend Midem in exchanging
lucrutive deals. The Project is financially supported by the DAC.
Locally Remarkably , Dodo and his board members managed to secure a deal with the licencing
Agreement with broadcasters like SABC and the Urban Brews on behalf of the Indies of South Africa
to collect video royalties for their members and Non-Risa members and in return the broadcasters
would then pay a substantial amounts of monies to the video owners, this project has led to the
revival of many Independent Record Companes in the Country like 999 Music,Black Coffee
Productions and many many more that are occupying markets of our music industry,further more
this project is ensuring the presence and increase of the local content in the country. Other
remarkable milestones, the Agreement with the Proudly South Africa, the Project has undertaken
critical programmes like workshops and exhibitions of Airco members,furthermore this project has
assisted in ensuring that Independent record companies are moving from the periphery of the Music
Business into the Centre.
Early year 2012, Dodo was appointed by the Ministers’ Office of Arts and Culture Mr Paul Mashatile
and was deployed on behalf of the Music Industry to represent the South African Music Industry
interests in Africa as he has been visiting some African States on behalf of the Ministers’
International relation Office to Implement the Programme of Cooperation(POC) between the South
African government and African countries collaborating on common areas of the music industry, to
name a few Dodo succesfully engaged some African Regions like Congo whereby a partnership of
their Pan African biggest Festival called FESPAM(Festival of Pan African),it is a biannual festival that
allows inter perfomances between South African and Congolese artists to share a stage in Congo and
in South Africa.
He has served in music transformed board like Moshito(National Body that represents all music
associations like SAMRO,SAPMRA,AIRCO,RISA,CWUSA, this structure specialises with Exhibition and
Conferencing of the South African music Industry) as an Executive member, He also served at MIFSA
(Music Industry Federation of South Africa- it is a structure that represents all key role associations
of the music industry i.e promoter associations, recording companies, artist associations, unions,
collecting societies) where Dodo is currently serving as a deputy President, MIFSA is an industrial
body that represents the creative industry at large,
He is currently the Chairperson of Airco and the President of the Airco Board of Trustees National.
Airco Board of Trustees’ primary objective is to raise funds for its beneficiary (Airco
Constituency),Dodo managed to secure deals on behalf of his team to sustain the lifespan of many
record companies in this Country.He also served in the establishment of the board of Tshwane Tv.
In 2013,the Minister of Arts and Culture Mr Paul Mashatile appointed Dodo Monamodi to serve in
the National Local Task Team,the mandate of the structure is to ensure that local content of our
Country is being protected and developed.He is also appointed in the ConFederation called CIFSA
(Creative Industry Federation of South Africa)established by the Minister of Arts and Culture,Mr Paul
Mashatile to serve as the treasury general of the Federation. CIFSA structure is the biggest structure
or the controlling body in the Creative Industry of South Africa because it seeks to represent all
players in the Creative Industry ranging from Music Industry,Advertising Associations,Film
associations,Craft,Dance,Technical e.t.c.
In the same year 2013 Dodo was appointed to serve in the advisory Board of the Minister of
Communications for the next coming five years(2013 to 2017).
In 2014,Dodo is further charged to serve in the Council of the Music Industry(SAMIC South African
Music Industry Council) as a Board member and in the same year He is appointed by the National
Arts Council(NAC) specialising and advising on issues of funding the Music Sector.
Another milestone spearheaded by this Moses of the black creative Industriliast and activist as he is
known, under the banner of Board of Trustees of Airco Dodo established a Collecting Society called
IMPRA(Independent Music Perfomers Rights Association) established and accredited Needletime
Collecting Society in 2015, the first black owned and led Collecting Society in South Africa ever since
the inception of the South African Music Industry. This collecting society is a vehicle that brings
about a radical transformation in the Music Industry,he has created a chamber that represents both
proudly South African perfomers and record companies to ensure fair splits or sharing is achieved
around one table, Dodo seeks to transform the Royalty territory which was infused by lack of
transparency and efficient accountability thus black Artists or perfomers have been dying Popper
because of this monopoly.
Dodo, the sole proprietor of Dojam Productions, Dodos music publishers.
Re-Background of Dojam Productions.
Dojam Productions is a recording label that also happens to unearth talent and developing musical
groups particularly from South Africa. The company has currently employed seven staff members
contracted 25 Artists and situated in the heart of South of Johannesburg at his own premises.
The company has four divisions namely:
1. Administration
These division offers services to clients about:
• Marketing(includes and Promotion of the
products and the services of the company.
• Artist bookings.
• Studio and visual recording bookings.
2. Production(audio and visual studio’s) facilities.
These division offers services like:
• Studio recordings.
• Live recordings.
• Mixing.
• Mastering.
• Visual (video) recordings.
• DVD recordings.
• DVD Authoring.
• Editing.

3. Manufacturing and design
These division offers services like:
• Cd and dvd manufacturing.
• Duplication.
• Printing and packaging.
• Origination.
• Design and printing.
4. Distribution.
• Sales and Royalties.
• Releasing albums.
• Direct distribution(established retailers)
• Indirect Distribution(neglected shops).
5. Events Management.
• Bolotsa Letsema Cultural Festival(one of the biggest Cultural Festivals in
North West Province).
• Music Transformation Enterprise(Programme that unearths Poets as a
special Indigenous offer).
• Tsoseletso(Gospel Indigenous music festivals).